Special Aplications

Special Aplication systems

Systems for special applications consist of equipment with characteristics for specific / extreme environments and situations. Performing CCTV monitoring at high temperatures or in places difficult to access by conventional vehicles.

  • Mobile cart with 900 W load capacity;
  • Drone with 4k camera and distance of 5 KM operation;
  • Cameras for furnaces with operating temperatures of up to 2500 ° C degrees;
  • Enclosure with cooling water;
  • Carreta with solar panel energy efficiency level of 16%;
  • Housing-proof explosions and IP69K protection;
  • Integration of cameras coupled to mobile cart with CCTV system via radio 2.4 / 5.8 Ghz.
  • Economy infrastructure for temporary projects
  • Security for monitoring in special areas
  • Flexibility coupled CCTV system in the mobile cart
  • Savings in maintenance efornos transformers
  • Operational safety for monitoring sites with visual obstruction


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing for Special Applications system interconnection design, electrical design, telecommunication design and typical installation detail.

Providing robust equipment and specifications that meet the industrial environment. mobile carts solar / wind, drones for remote monitoring, cameras for monitoring ovens, among others.

Automation Solutions provides all necessary infrastructure for the operation of the system for special applications.

Automation Solutions installs and configure all the Special Application system.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation  /  maintenance. With differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

We offer a predictive maintenance contract, preventive and corrective for systems installed with local support / remote immediately.

main system equipments

solar / wind mobile truck

Aiming at applications in remote areas / infra temporary work structure, Automation Solutions provides the most robust and eciente solution in mobile trailers in Brazil. 900 W load capacity, charge controller, voltage inverter, solar panel energy eciency 16%, manual / automatic asteamento and wind energy capture (optional).


For monitoring applications with high risk and difficult access, the Automation Solutions provides Drones line designed for operation in critical areas. With autonomy 40 minutes recording with 4k camera, coupled gimbal, operating distance of 5 km and video stream capacity on multiple devices.

Camera for Furnaces

Automation Solutions provides application with cameras in furnaces / boilers, with temperature resistance up to 2500 ° C degrees. Assisting in monitoring the production and maintenance of equipment.

Thermal camera

The line of Automation SolutionsThermais cameras , provides robustness + latest technology in monitoring industrial areas. With Full HD camera, 36x optical zoom, Laser for night viewing with distance up to 300 meters, and temperature detection in the range of -20 ° C to + 800 ° C degrees.

Explosion proof housing

Highlighting for resisting explosions and have free cooling system water, sandboxes Explosion Automation Solutions provide high reliability in critical environments.

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