Detection Alarm System and Fight Fire (IFDS)

IFDS has intended to initially detect the fire so that it can be fought immediately so you can preserve life, property and the environment environment.The security system must first of all be intelligent and sensitive to can operate safely and seamlessly with a network of central fire comprising the smoke detectors, vacuum, manual stations, signaling and control modules.

  • Detection systems and conventional and addressable alarm;
  • Solution for small, medium and large companies;
  • Using UTP cable, or optical bra Multi / Single Mode;
  • Fighting with FM200 – Ecaro25 – Inergen – Novec 1230 – Sprinklers;
  • Interface with the sound system;
  • High conabilidade and security system;
  • Industrial ruggedness for use in mining and petrochemical area (classified area).
  • Operations and property security;
  • Identication precise location where fire occurs;
  • Multi detection: Smoke, Fire, Gas, Light, Aspirations;
  • Use of clean gas, protects the environment and human beings;
  • It allows the issuance of beeps and interconnection with telephony.


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing basic design / interconnection / electric / sizing flood / typical detailing.

Automation Solutions provides equipment with high technology and precision for alarm detection system and fight against fire. Central Tyco / Notifier, detection VESDA aspiration, clean agent NOVEC 1230 combat.

We provide installation of all necessary infrastructure for the operation of the combat system and fire detection. electrical wiring, release / fusion fiber, installation of smoke detectors / optical, pipe release to fire hydrants and water fight with others.

Automation Solutions installs and commissions the entire SDACI system, integrating with technologies of Fire fighting and Access Control.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation / maintenance, with differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

Automation Solutions offers a predictive maintenance contract / preventive / corrective to the installed system. Providing local / remote support.

main system equipments

Fire fight central

Automation Solutions offers the best solutions in combat and detection will fire. The alarm control panel is designed for small and large applications with features that minimize installation time, enable faster response times and simplify maintenance and usability.

Smoke / temperature detectors

Focused on safety as a priority, the use of different modes of detection is essential for reliability sistema.Os detectors Automation Solutions are addressable, multi-sensor and use a combination of photoelectric and thermal sensing technologies to increase immunity to false alarms.

Manual Actuators / Strobes

When the operator indicate the fire in advance, the manual stations should always be close to immediate action, while all strobes will be triggered for identication and general alarm. Manual Trigger is fired with dual action (two movements to drive) has addressable interface that together with the center, displays your exact location.

Detection with Vesda

VESDA detectors provide quick detection solutions when there is a fire alarm and multilevel have a broad sensitivity range which does not change with respect to time, so even low levels of smoke can be detected before a fire. VESDA systems are manufactured using the techniques Six Sigma and ISO 9000 standard.

Fire supression with clean agent

The fire suppression system with clean agent is the best solution to meet the fire and protect high-value assets. Clean agents has the world preference for fire suppression in critical environments such as data centers, telephone centers, control rooms, industrial automation and other places where water will cause damage to equipment.

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