Industrial communication

Industrial communication

It consists of an intercom and alarm system, which allows sound and broadcast messages and alarms in industrial areas from stations and speakers scattered in various areas.

  • Digital voice transmission (IP);
  • Communication Bi-directional or Uni-directional;
  • BGM reproduction;
  • System with IP66 degree of protection;
  • Easy integration of telephony with speakerphone and mobile radio system;
  • System management via software;
  • Industrial ruggedness for use in mining and petrochemical area (classicada area).
  • All stations, amplifiers and equipment monitored and controlled continuously;
  • Great Value benecio and easy to use;
  • Modular and open architecture, allowing increments during operation;
  • Increased operational safety;
  • It allows the issuance of beeps and music environment in the selected areas.


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing connectivity to the system interconnection design, electrical design, telecommunication design and typical installation detail.

Providing robust equipment and specifications that meet the industrial environment. Phones with degree of protection IP67 and intercommunication equipment integrated with SDACI system.

Automation Solutions provides all necessary infrastructure for the operation of an industrial communication system. They are: Release / Optical Fiber Fusion, bugles installation / speakers, field panels and accommodation racks among others.

Automation Solutions installs and configures all Comunicação_Industrial system providing integration High Voice system with phone and configuring message / music pre-defined environments.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation / maintenance. With differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

We offer a predictive maintenance contract, preventive and corrective for systems installed with local support / remote immediately.

main system equipments

Call station

The call station is the operator interface with all the plant, the call table has display of 3.4 “speaker and support for hands-free communication. The system can be provided in IP and analog versions.

Amplifier ip interface

The IP Amplicador , receives calls from all industrial telephones or call tables and diratamente Amplica for horns or speakers. Designed for 19 “rack, has 4 70V / 100V output channels, 3.4” display, MP3 audio format and Auxiliary input for external devices.

horn speaker

The Automation Solutions horn speakers Line   offers waterproof equipment with degree of protection IP66 and power up to 100W. Working frequency of 250 -16Khz integrated transformer 70V / 100V. Made from aluminum alloy, and use application ideal for industrial areas.

Industrial telephone

Designed for applications in the-road trucks or in critical situations, IP67 switches Automation Solutions provide protection IP67 M12 / M23 type connectors, radio 8/16 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE output and submerged operation.

Walkie talkie / mobile base

The amplifiers of the speakerphone receive walkie-talkies signal and mobile base radio, providing flexibility and mobility for the entire system with a capacity of 16 operating channels, frequency UHF / VHF 136 ~ 470MHz, operating temperature -25 ° C ~ + 60 ° C and battery life of 12 hours of continuous use.

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