System connectivity and infrastructure

This segment complements all other systems, carrying the video information / audio / data through electrical cable, optical fiber or radio waves. The Automation Solutions provides the complete solution in the structure or network interconnection in the industrial sector.

  • Digital transmission of voice, video and data;
  • Radios often 2.4 / 5.8 Ghz;
  • Fiber converter Single-mode and Multimode with distance up to 120Km;
  • Converters with installation Subrack;
  • Switches with IP67 protection, and submerged operation;
  • Top accounting and security system;
  • Industrial ruggedness for use in mining and petrochemical area (classicada area).
  • All equipment interconnected, enabling greater control of the plant;
  • Installed equipments at long distances;
  • Transmission speed up to 1000Mpbs;
  • Redundancy Loop with immediate reestablishment;
  • Integration of CCTV systems / High Voice / access control in a single infrastructure.


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing connectivity to the system interconnection design, electrical design, telecommunication design and typical installation detail.

Providing robust equipment and specifications that meet the industrial environment. Switches with IP67 and submerged operation, media converters, subracks, switches with up to 48 Ethernet ports among others.

Automation Solutions provides the installation of the required infrastructure for the operation of connectivity between systems. They are: Release / Optical Fiber Fusion, installation of masts / towers, field panels and accommodation racks among others.

Automation Solutions install and configure all the connectivity system.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation / maintenance. With differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

We offer a predictive maintenance contract, preventive and corrective for systems installed with local support / remote immediately.

Main system equipments

Central switch poe

Automation Solutions provides switches 8/16/24/40 speed Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, and optical ports 2/4/6 options. The switch has enhanced security SSH, SSL, RADIUS and TACACS + authentication PVE, ACLs. It is the best option to connect with IP cameras, IP phone system and communication of PLC data.

Switch de Borda

Field switches must have strength to operate in critical environments. The Automation Solutions provides switches 4/8/16 speed Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps, and 2/4 optical ports options. With operating temperature -40 C ~ 85 C, with manageable PoE power capability of 30W @ 54VDC.

Media converter

The media converter expands the limits that the system can cover, transforming the electrical signal into optical signal. With options 1/2/4 Ethernet ports 1 optical port, bras type Single-mode and multimode, distances up to 120 km and support for installation in subrack.

IP67 Switch

Designed for applications in the-road trucks or in critical situations, IP67 switches Automation Solutions provide protection IP67 M12 / M23 type connectors, radio 8/16 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE output and submerged operation.

2.4/5.8 Ghz Radios

Automation Solutions provides radios with frequencies of 2.4 /5.8Ghz, OFDM modulation to transmit power 25dBm, integrated or external antenna option, range of up to 80km and IP66 degree of protection.

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