Industrial Monitoring System  (CCTV)

The CCTV, closed circuit television consists of a camera system whose images will be available on a monitor via a device called a DVR or NVR, images can be recorded or only display also can be configured to trigger an alarm, enable remote access on the internet (and through the mobile application), etc.

  • Robust system for industrial environments
  • Capture resolution up to 2.1 Mp
  • Supply Analog cameras (AHD) and digital (IP)
  • Transmission via Fiber Optic / Radio
  • Integration with access control system
  • With high reliability and safety system
  • Recording devices with storage up to 32 Terabytes
  • All areas and substations monitored and controlled continuously
  • Greater control of the production process
  • Modular and open architecture, allowing increments during operation
  • Increased operational safety
  • Reliability in video transmission with communication redundancy fiber and Radio


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing for the CCTV system interconnection design, electrical design, telecommunication design and typical installation detail.

Providing robust equipment and specifications that meet the industrial environment. PTZ cameras, speed dome, professional cameras, cameras to the test explosions, optical converters, servers, storage, etc.

Automation Solutions provides all necessary infrastructure for operating the cameras circuit. They are: Release / Optical Fiber Fusion, installation of masts / towers, installation of mobile / fixed cameras, field panels and accommodation racks among others.

Automation Solutions installs and configures the entire CCTV system, we work with the best software providers for process monitoring and asset management.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation  /  maintenance. With differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

We offer a predictive maintenance contract, preventive and corrective for systems installed with local support / remote immediately.

main system equipments

Industrial PTZ camera

Automation Solutions has a complete line of PTZ cameras. Guardian Line line has 40x zoom up, protection IP-66, 360 ° rotation (PAN) and vertical -40 ° ~ 90 ° (tilt). Zoom options 24x / 35x / 36x / 40x, and video capture capability over distances of 150/250/300 m, is excellent for use in monitoring industrial processes. The Automation Solutions provides IP and analog options.

Speed dome camera with laser

The Falcon Line line has a combination of optical zoom 18x / 28x / 36x, up to 1080p resolution and integrated laser that allows video capture at distances up to 500 m, function Day / Night and operating temperature of -35 ° C + 60 ° C. Speed Dome cameras have degree of IP-66 protection. Application Indoor and Outdoor with Pan Tilt Zoom movement.

Professional cameras

The Professional line of Automation Solutions, offers a wide choice of cameras (analogue / IP) with the industrial level resistance characteristics with integrated enclosure that resists dust, water, vandalism and extreme temperatures. Up to 1080p resolution that enable applications in the monitoring area of industrial processes such as in property security.

Keyboard control

Standing out for its application, the Control Bureau (Keyboard) is responsible for human interface <-> System in industrial areas. With up control capacity 255 cameras, playback control, horizontal and vertical movement, zoom, multiplexing channels and 7 “display integrated in the options (analog / IP), the Automation Solutions offers the latest technology in control of the entire system.


Automation Solutions housing provides IP66 protection, isolating the external environment capture device. Have additional modules:: PoE Source, defroster, wiper, Cooler and Infrared.

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