Acess Control

Acess Control system

Access control is important to ensure the safety of its employees, customers and their assets. An access control system also allows the extraction of management reports: Find out where your customers, students and employees, at any time within your company. Also ensure your system access, your team is fulfilling the previously established working hours.

  • 255 Control Central Management;
  • Controllers 2/4/8 outputs for doors;
  • Readers with Wiegand protocol;
  • Face Detector with registration up to 2000 users;
  • Input / alarm output for external devices;
  • Exit button with proximity detection;
  • Industrial ruggedness for use in mining and petrochemical area (hazardous area).
  • Management / Integrated monitoring of all control devices;
  • Drive external devices: Alarms Barriers and external loads;
  • Third-level access security: Password + Biometric + RF-ID card;
  • Integration with CCTV system;


Automation Solutions has a complete solution for industrial automation, providing basic design / interconnection / electric / typical detailing.

Automation Solutions provides high-tech equipment for access control with face detection / Biometric / RF-ID / numeric password.

We provide installation of the whole infrastructure required for the operation of the access control system. electrical wiring, release / fusion fiber, field installation panels and accommodation racks, among others.

The Automation Solutions installs and commissions the entire access control system, integrating with CCTV and SDACI technologies.

In all executed projects, Automation Solutions provides dynamic, customized training, focusing on operation  /  maintenance, with differentiated and qualified teaching professionals.

Automation Solutions offers a predictive maintenance contract / preventive / corrective to the installed system. Providing local / remote support.

main system equipments

Control panel

Automation Solutions provides the full line for access control systems, the control center is the main device system performs the control 2/4/8 ports, has input for biometric sensor, integration with CCTV and SDACI system and management / monitoring of one or more central over the TCP / IP network.

face detection

The Stand Alone central with face detection, are applied in high-security environments, enabling the registration of employees to access with password prompt, RF-ID card and reconhecimentofacial. The center has TCP / IP connection to management / remote monitoring and alarm inputs and outputs for integration with external systems.

biometric reader

The line of biometric readers Automation Solutions offers robust and advanced technology in fingerprint recognition. With degree of protection IP66 and wiegand protocol, the reader has double security: biometric + RF-ID card.

rfid card reader

The RF-ID card reader is the element most commonly used in an access control system, as it has double security: password + RF-ID card. By having degree of protection IP66 are used in areas with high levels of suspended particles.

access cancels

With application in the Industrial / Business sector, the gate access, allows integration with central control and external actuation devices. The Automation Solutions offers barriers for small / medium / large vehicles.

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